The River Was Rocked

Rock the River was a great success this past Saturday. We really wanted to livestream it for you guys, but MAN y’all are some loyal fans and the demand was too overwhelming for our servers #whatashame. That was totally our bad guys, whoops! But in an effort to make it up to you, we wanted to provide you all the highlights so you can keep reliving the amazing experience.

Scott Warner attended the event was literally blown away by how amazing it was–and no he’s not just saying that because the winds were so strong that day. The location in Eagle River really impressed him. So much so that he wants to definitely bring his wife and children back next year. The atmosphere he said was just great for a music festival.

“P.O.D., ah man they’ve still got it, they still got it,” he said. “And Skillet, they blew my mind. I can say it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in forever. They were off the hook–just solid, a very clean, crisp live performance. What I really thought was cool about them was in between songs they made great comments about life and not giving up–really just sticking to their morals as one of the best Christian rock bands. They really are a great group of people.”

Now that was expected, I mean it’s Rock the River after all! I’m sure most of you are wondering how the bands YOU voted for turned out. Well guess what, you didn’t pull a lame move and send some sub-par band to play with rock legends. Scott was really impressed with both of the bands, particularly Emergent, the contest winner.

“For only being together for a little over a year, I was really impressed with their stage presence and their crisp sound. They’re a great rock band–very tight,” Scott said. “In fact, I can’t wait to get my hands on their album! They were definitely in the top three of best bands that performed.”

Want to know more about the competition winners? I thought so.

Getting to know the Winners:

So as you know, Emergent was the overall winner of the competition, closely followed by End of December. After their performances on Saturday, I had the opportunity to chat with them about how everything went! Let me just say, they are both stellar groups, and gave amazing shows!

eod3.2smlFor End of December, the greatest part of the experience was the networking opportunities. The members of the band had been fans of Hawthorne Heights as well as the other bands at the festival for much of their lives. Getting the opportunity to meet some of them and learn from them was great for End of December. The show to them was definitely more than they were expecting. They learned early on how important a loyal fan base is, and were impressed with the number of people at the show! This was a great opportunity for them as a local band to gain more notoriety and they can’t wait for what the future holds. Gigg offered them an opportunity they might not otherwise have had, and they hope more bands will follow in their example.

emergentEmergent shared these sentiments. The band really enjoyed the overall experience of the show. Just from even the way the other bands interacted and carried themselves was an example to them of how much like clockwork the music business is. They learned that what defines a band happens just as much on stage as off. The competition was tough, but winning was sweet and momentous to them. Meeting Scott was especially great for them. They’re excited to definitely work with Gigg in the future, so perk up those ears! This won’t be the last you hear of Emergent!

So overall this was a great experience for Gigg and everyone involved. We can honestly say we can’t wait for what comes next year. It’ll be even bigger and better than ever.

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